1) Click on the navigation-bar or on the Homepage to begin.

2) To select the preferred size of your Advertisement, hover the cursor over the centre of the relevant area.
For example, to reserve a 'Quarter Page', hover the cursor over the centre of any of the four ‘Quarter Areas’.

(In the example below, the user has hovered the cursor over the middle of the top-right corner).

Likewise, to reserve a 'Half Page' space - hover the cursor over the centre of a 'Half Page' space.


The Specific Positioning of a Selected Space, e.g. a Top-Right ‘Quarter Page’, is for Illustration Purposes Only
and is Not Definitive.

3) You will then be provided with two options as to how you wish to proceed;

If you already have artwork created then select 'Upload Artwork' which will enable you to upload it. Please provide the artwork as a PDF with the correct dimensions as follows:

If you wish to opt to have your Graphics designed by one of our designers - select 'Request Artwork Design'. You will then be asked to provide some information & design-preferences which will be sent to the relevant Graphic Designer. You can also attach a logo, image or a comparison-advertisement for the benefit of the relevant Graphic Designer.

4) You will then be asked to confirm your order and will subsequently be taken to the ‘Payment Page’.

Once payment is accepted - your advertisement is confirmed.