Advertising rates to suit every budget: Prices start from as little as £25.00 per edition.

A graphic design service is available for a small fee should you want artwork created for you.

Publishing Rates:

Full Page £155.00
1/2 Page £80.00
1/4 Page £45.00
1/8 Page £25.00
Page 3 £175.00
Page 5 £170.00
Page 7 £165.00
Page 9 £160.00
Inside Cover Pages £160.00
Front Page £295.00
Back Page £235.00

Discounted Package Rates are available for a run of at least 4 Editions.
Contact us for more details.

Graphic Design Service Rates:

All Advert Sizes* From £5.00

* Including any of the premium pages


To ensure maximum results please provide the artwork as specified below.

Files should be saved as PDF files - hi resolution with fonts embedded or preferably converted to paths. If you have an advert saved as a different file click here to convert it to PDF format. All images should be at a resolution of 300dpi. Colour adverts must be in CMYK. If RGB images/colours are used then we will only be able to convert using the default settings on the plate-setter. It is preferable not to have spot colours in the supplied files, but it's not a problem, we can convert them as long as they are Pantone reference colours and not, for example, 'dark blue'. Files should be at correct dimensions as booked.